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Signature project

Mt Lofty Ruin House

Mt Lofty, SA

In this unique project, the ruins of a historic stable form the bedrock of a contemporary new Adelaide Hills home.

Tucked away in the depths of Mt Lofty, a vibrant red addition extends from the ruins of a historic sandstone stable.

Inside, new meets old, with natural materials and subdued finishes complimenting the heritage stone structure.

Generously proportioned windows capture fabulous bushland views, creating a light and airy interior atmosphere.

The design is a unique expression of materiality and craftsmanship – proving that contemporary design and heritage structures can co-exist in new and delightful ways.

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Architectural drawings

project details

Location: Mt Lofty, SA

Private Commission

Timeframe: 2016-18

Construction: Approx. $3500/m2

Architectural & Interior Design: Fireside Architecture

Builder: Vertex

Engineers: MQZ

Energy: Soda & Lime

Photography: Danny Brookes

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