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Signature project

Aldinga Beach House

Aldinga Beach, SA

This project led to the creation of a relaxed, light-filled home for a retired couple on the south coast of Adelaide.

The house is sited on a spectacular block of land with coastal views to the west and bushland to the east. The design accommodates the home owners (upstairs) and guests (downstairs), capturing views in both directions.

The interior throughout is both spacious and light-filled, with high ceilings and generous window proportions framing views of the landscape beyond.

Subdued interior finishes create a relaxed ambience in harmony with the natural setting.

Passive heating and cooling, shading devices, cross ventilation, glazing technology and a range of other sustainable features help naturally regulate interior temperatures and reduce the operational carbon footprint.

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Architectural drawings

project details

Location: Aldinga Beach, SA

Private Commission

Timeframe: 2015-20

Construction: Approx. $2800/m2

Architectural & Interior Design: Fireside Architecture in collaboration with Danny Brookes

Builder: Archscape

Engineers: MQZ and Denlin Consulting

Energy: Lime Soda

Certifier: Buildsurv

Photography: Danny Brookes

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